Sport Muffler


Sport Muffler

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Sport Muffler


Who would not want to leave its car with a unique feature? Those extraordinary sounds when car starts, having a unique design, are distinguished amid the crowd and gain notoriety of a sports car sound? All this without dismantling the standards that the manufacturer limits us?

The sports mufflers have long been desire of many people, providing everything that was quoted above.

When it comes to automotive dampers we cannot be stuck with just the aesthetic improvements (both visual and audible) that it will bring, it is important to be informed about what is behind this change. Its technical function is simply to reduce noise; however, we are not limited to that alone.

At present there is a great appreciation of aesthetics, our cars are no longer just a means of locomotion. The appreciation of a sporty snore, as well as a distinctive design, makes our cars more attractive, both to our eyes and to the eyes of others.

The move to a sport damper can provide a different look, giving you more charm in the vehicle and also that dreamy snore that the original product would never provide. Of course, all of this will be achieved without losing its main function (which is very important for the vehicle) to reduce engine noise.

Exclusivity RF Technology – After years searching for the ideal noise without compromising the whole RF developed two models of Mops: Round Performance (+ noise + popcorn) and Oval Endurance (- noise – popcorn).

And on both models, the GLASS WOOL and the STEEL WOOL were replaced by WOVEN STAINLESS MESH.

It has been proven that the WOOLS mentioned above cannot stand the heat or drag suffered and tends part to be expelled by reducing the efficiency of its muffler.

In turn, the knitted fabric does not burn and does not suffer drag, guaranteeing a constant snoring without variation.


Muffler or Silence?

We come to the great impasse, is called a muffler or silent rear?

None of the options are wrong, but the best bet is to call the damper attachment for a few reasons.

The name of rear silencer is given due to another component, this being the silencer (or if you prefer intermediate silencer), which focuses on the high frequency noises of the engine caused by the combustion of the gases in it.

Muffler (or rear silencer) has the function of eliminating the low frequency noises, so we realize that both have similar works, but turned to different frequencies being very “different” in practice.

Another factor that contributes to being called Muffler is that the name of a part, which works in conjunction with the product, is silent/muffler, an item that is part of the product in question, but can be removed if the user wishes.